As specialist immigration solicitors in London, we provide expert immigration advice and legal representations concerning all types of UK Visa and immigration matters. Our highly qualified and experienced immigration solicitors have a wealth of legal knowledge and a good track record of successfully helping thousands of clients with their immigration cases. We can legally represent you in your immigration application, immigration appeal, administrative Review, Pre Action Protocol (PAP), or immigration Judicial Review (JR) on a fixed fees basis with flexible payment terms allowing you to pay our fixed fees in instalments.  

Our specialist team of solicitors can provide you with expert legal advice and representations remotely from our offices in London. Using modern technology, we can handle your matter remotely without the need for you to visit our offices. Whilst we are more than happy to welcome clients into our office if this is their preference, we are proud to offer our legal services remotely, in order to reduce the expenses and time incurred by clients.








As one of the best immigration solicitors, our best team of immigration solicitors maintains the highest possible standards in all aspects of our immigration legal services. We will leave no stone untouched in achieving success in your immigration application to the Home Office, UKVI or in challenging the refusal of your immigration application successfully. Our leading immigration solicitors know the importance of documentary evidence and strong legal representations when preparing an immigration application, immigration appeal, Administrative Review, or immigration Judicial Review.   


Immigration Advice Online  

Our expert team of immigration solicitors can provide fast, friendly, and reliable free general immigration advice online through our online inquiry form.  

Detailed Immigration Advice and Consultation from just £35.00 (VAT included, If applicable)
If you want detailed immigration advice concerning your UK visa and immigration matter, you can schedule an appointment for clear immigration advice and a consultation session. You can book an appointment for detailed immigration advice and consultation ranging from just £35.00 to £150.00 (VAT included, if applicable) for up to half an hour session. 
During the immigration consultation session, we will advise you about the relevant immigration laws, procedures, requirements, documents, etc. Upon thorough assessment of your personal circumstances, our immigration solicitors will advise you about the chances of success in your immigration case and the timescale for a decision to be reached on your matter. Your attention will be drawn to the weaknesses and strengths of your immigration case so that the prospects of success can be increased, if possible. Our experienced team of immigration solicitors will address all the questions you may have concerned about your immigration matter.  

Free UK Visa Refusal Assessment
Our expert team of immigration solicitors can assess the Home Office or UKVI refusal decision of your immigration application by the Home Office, UKVI. If the Home Office has refused your immigration application, and you believe the refusal decision is unlawful and not in line with the UK Immigration Rules. Upon assessment of UK visa refusal, our expert immigration solicitors will be able to advise you whether there are reasonable grounds for challenging the refusal decision. We will always act in your best interest to resolve your immigration matter. Please get in touch with us or complete our online appointment form to speak to one of our immigration solicitors. 

Indefinite Leave to Remain and British Citizenship
Our top-rated immigration solicitors' team can help you with all steps of your UK visa and immigration applications, starting from coming to the UK by applying for UK visa entry clearance, switching visas from one category to another from inside the UK, renewal or extension of your UK visa from inside the UK, applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), to becoming a British Citizen by applying for Naturalisation as a British Citizen and applying for the first British Passport.

The various stages of UK immigration applications for which our top team of immigration solicitors can provide expert immigration advice and legal representations include the following: 

  • UK Visa Entry Clearance Applications 

  • Family UK Visas 

  • Switching Visas Within UK 

  • UK Visa Extension/Renewal 

  • ILR Applications 

  • British Citizenship Applications 

  • Right Of Abode UK 

  • British Passport Applications 



Our experienced immigration solicitors can fully prepare your UK visa and immigration application and submit your application to the Home Office, UKVI, along with all the supporting documents and detailed cover letters drafted by our best team of immigration solicitors.
Our specialist team of immigration solicitors can provide expert immigration advice and legal representations are as follows but not limited to:  

  •  EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) 

  • UK Work Visas 

  • Sponsor Licence  

  • Long Residence Applications 

  • Visitor’s Visa UK 

  • Private Life Applications 

  • Discretionary Leave Applications 

  • Study Visa UK 

  • Members of Armed Forces 

  • Asylum and Humanitarian Protection 

  • Immigration Bail Application 

  • Travel Documents Applications 

  • Deportation from the UK 

  • Stateless Persons and their family members 

  • Other immigration applications 


Visa Chase Up Service UK 

If you have made an immigration application to the Home Office, UKVI and your immigration application have been pending with the Home Office, UK Visas & Immigration for more than six months, our top immigration team of solicitors can chase up the Home Office, UKVI and make legal representations to the Home Office, UKVI for a quick decision to be made on the outstanding immigration application. Please call us or complete our online form to discuss your immigration matter. 

Challenging Home Office Refusal Decisions

You can challenge a decision of the Home Office, UKVI, the decision of the HM Passport Office, or an appeal decision if you disagree with the decision and there are grounds for the decision to be challenged by one of the available legal remedies. Home Office, UKVI immigration Refusal decisions, also known as refusal letters, can typically be challenged by way of UK Immigration Appeals, Administrative Review (AR), Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) For JR and Judicial Reviews (JRs) In the Upper Tribunal (UT) or Judicial Reviews (JRs) In High Court.  As specialist immigration solicitors, we have an excellent track record of successfully challenging the Home Office, UKVI refusal decisions. Our leading immigration solicitors can legally prepare substantial grounds to challenge the Home Office UKVI refusal decisions.  Various legal services provided by us for challenging the Home Office UKVI refusal letters are as follows:  

  • UK Visa Refusal Assessment 

  • Challenging Refusal/Revocation of Sponsor License 

  • Challenging Removal from the UK 

  • Reconsideration of Naturalisation/Nationality Application 

  • Immigration Appeals 

  • Administrative Review (AR) 

  • Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) 

  • Immigration Judicial Review (JR) 


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Immigration advice & representations for UK Visa and Immigration applications